Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Sweet Day in Hershey, Pennsylvania

It all started when Milton Hershey went into a caramel business.
One day there was a big order from England.  They wanted ALOT of caramels.
But what England did was cover the caramels with chocolate.  When kids bought the candy, they ate
all the chocolate around it and spit out the caramels.  And soon Mr. Hershey went bankrupt.
Hershey started again.  But this time with more chocolate.  But still he went broke.
His motto was "to try and try again".  And the third time it worked!
He finally built his own successful chocolate factory.
Before he died he gave all of his billions to make a school for orphans, built a hospital, a city and the huge ChocolateWorld like I visited today!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Idaho was really cool we  went on top of the biggest single sand dune in  northern America! we were allowed to go scorpion hunting but we didn't. we went to all sorts of camp grounds! Now we are in Idaho and we saw the Shoshone falls ! At the falls I got a eagle slingshot. We stopped off at  a camp ground and I found some rocks that I could sling! Today when we went for a walk with the family I found some cool rocks at a beautiful bridge but when I went down to pick some up I realised there was a snake! He had a forked tongue!I told Mom and Dad that I saw a snake and they immediately went to look at it!!I thought they were crazy! So after the shock we went back to the RV and now we are leaving to Preston!